The Rockaby Roadshow promotes the following aspects of the EYFS: 

Personal Social and Emotional Development.

“Successful personal, social and emotional development is critical for very young children in all aspects of their lives and gives them the best:

Opportunity for success in all other areas of learning and development.” (EYFS framework) 

Encouraging and developing bonding and attachment between adult and child.

Finding comfort from 'snuggling in' with a variety of objects and people.

Feeling safe and secure.

Responding to differences in the environment—e.g. showing excitement or interest.

Communication, Language and Literacy.

“Children are learning from the moment of birth. Even before their first words they find out a lot about language by hearing people talking and are especially interested when it involves themselves and their daily lives”. 

EYFS Framework

To become skilful communicators, babies and young children need to be with people with whom they have warm and relationships, such as their family or carers, and in a group situation, a key person whom they know and trust.

Babies respond differently to different sounds and from an early age are able to distinguish sound patterns. They use their voices to make contact and to let people know what they need and how they feel.

All children learn best through activities and experiences that engage all of the senses. Music, dance, rhymes and songs support language  development.

Babies are especially interested in other people and in Communicating with them using eye contact, crying, cooing and gurgling to have ‘conversations’.

Babies and children are sociable and curious, and they explore the world through relationships with others and through their senses.